the humanized leader ignitor

Tired of Drama + Want Your Team to Embrace Accountability So Together You Can Accelerate Business Results?

The Humanized Leader Ignitor:

A 90-Day Transformational Cohort for

CEOs, Business Owners and Executives Who Are Committed to Moving from Boss to Humanized Leader

A Limited-Time Opportunity to Work Personally with Humanized Leader Founder Mary Pat Knight to Evolve into the Leader Your Team - and Company - Need

“...recognizes each person's brilliance and uses it to help them grow and develop as leaders.”

“Mary Pat recognizes each person’s brilliance and uses it to help them grow and develop as leaders. She is able to navigate difficult subjects and difficult subject matter and does it professionally and with candor. Employees at all stages of their careers are learning lessons that benefit them both personally and professionally. Those who are committed to their own professional growth are growing, and our is business growing as a result!”

Karen Wilson

Former CEO, MAKE Corporation

Does Your Business Suffer from Emotional Intelligence Dysfunction?

Humans have emotions.

When you “humanize” your leadership, you become fluent in the language of emotions – and skilled at decoding how emotion is driving your team’s behavior.

Weak communication & listening skills

Difficulty regulating emotion & receiving feedback

Lack of motivation & accountability

Poor management of time, pressure & stress

Lack of self-awareness & empathy toward others

Drama & conflict create a toxic work culture

By Aligning Head and Heart, Humanized Leadership Unleashes Full Potential

When you become a Humanized Leader, you release the outdated “boss mode” paradigm and show up as your whole being.

The 4-part Humanized Leadership operating system upgrades all of your leadership skills and perspectives.

3 Simple Steps to Become a Humanized Leader

  • The Humanized Leadership Cohort is an intense, 90-day transformational journey for business owners, CEOs, and senior business executives.

  • If accepted, you’ll have the rare opportunity to work personally with Mary Pat Knight, international best-selling author and champion of the Humanized Leadership movement.

  • Each Cohort includes a small group of experienced CEOs, business owners, and senior business leaders, personally interviewed and accepted by Mary Pat.

You may apply for the Cohort today ... pending final approval after a short interview with Mary Pat Knight.

step-by-step system
eq coaching
happy team

Follow the step-by-step system to become a Humanized Leader.

Get coaching to rapidly improve your skills and emotional intelligence.

Watch “people problems” disappear as you lead with your heart.

"Is This Right for Me?"


  • Are a CEO, business owner, C Suite Executive, Visionary, Integrator, or experienced senior leader responsible for leading/influencing others

  • Understand that developing emotional intelligence gives you a leadership advantage

  • Embrace the opportunity to look at your own behavior, beliefs and emotions first as a way to guide, support and lead others

This Cohort Experience IS Right for You!


  • Are a mid to entry-level manager and/or have less than 2 years of experience in your senior leadership position.

  • Have a hard time understanding how emotion fits in the workplace (judging, dismissing, or even penalizing those who display emotion)

  • Don't understand how you and your behavior may be influencing your team's behavior problems.

You’re Not Quite Ready for the Cohort.

Meet Your Guide to Humanized Leadership

Mary Pat Knight is on a mission to develop more humanized leaders inside workplaces all over the world.

She is the CEO and Founder of Leaders Inspired, a global training and development firm dedicated to personal and leadership transformation, and a speaker, author, coach, and consultant who is an expert in leadership and emotional intelligence.

Mary Pat’s 30-year career spans executive leadership positions in marketing, operations, strategic planning, human resources, management and employee development, and executive coaching. Her impact has been felt as the Director, Vice President, President, and Chief Operating Officer of multimillion-dollar companies. Her experiences have shown her how important it is for organizations to build engagement and retention by supporting leaders to show up as their most authentic selves, build strong relationships with those they lead, and create cultures of accountability.

Mary Pat based her book, The Humanized Leader, on her simple, yet powerful “Leadership Mastery” signature system that she practiced and perfected for 15 years while training, coaching, and mentoring thousands of corporate leaders to improve their emotional intelligence and become more effective leaders.

“...creates an energy of trust”

“Mary Pat has given me the skills to be clear and effective in my communication. I also learned from her how matching my vision, words, and actions creates an energy of trust in those who look to me for leadership. In my career as a professional speaker, I frequently speak and work alongside some of the top coaches and business leaders in the country. I feel that Mary Pat’s leadership skills and ability to inspire others is equal or beyond any of the hundreds I’ve worked with over the past 30 years.”

Debra Poneman

Founder/CEO, Yes to Success, inc.

What will i receive if I'm Accepted?

1-Year Access to the Humanized Leader Course

(A $1,497 value)

Learn the Humanized Leader framework, processes, and tools when and where it’s most convenient for you. Review key sections to reinforce your learning and make these new skills a part of who you become.



2 Cohort Coaching Calls Each Month

(A $3,000 Value)

In a safe, supportive and confidential space, join with a small group of other business owners, CEOs, and senior executives to uplevel your emotional intelligence and leadership mastery. Bring your trickiest conversations and toughest challenges to the call, jump in the “hot seat,” and receive Mary Pat’s heart-centered, yet straightforward, coaching to bring your best self to the leadership situations you’re facing.

An Accountability Buddy for Skill Practice and Ongoing Support

(A $1,000 value)

Stay focused and make steady progress as you put your new skills to work. With an accountability buddy and weekly check-ins, you’ll be able to build momentum as you gain new insights and learn to apply them in the real world.



Access to a Private Cohort Facebook Group

(A $500 Value)

Engage with your peers in the Facebook group, discuss what you’re learning in the online training program, get input from them on how to apply it in a real life setting, and share your wins with them. This can be an invaluable part of the journey as you uplevel your emotional intelligence and leadership mastery. Plus, you’ll learn from others as well!

A 3-Month Subscription to Day Starters

(A $500 value)

Engage with your peers in the Facebook group, discuss what you’re learning in the online training program, get input from them on how to apply it in a real life setting, and share your wins with them. This can be an invaluable part of the journey as you uplevel your emotional intelligence and leadership mastery. Plus, you’ll learn from others as well!


Plus 5 Bonus Gifts...

Autographed copy of the #1 international best-seller... The Humanized Leader

(A $17.95 value)

Mary Pat Knight’s international best-selling book, The Humanized Leader, lays out the time-proven path to develop yourself and your teams. You’ll gain the mindset and skill set to:

  • Show up in authentic and conscious leadership

  • Manage workplace emotions - yours and theirs

  • Communicate with clarity and connection

  • Guide performance to build a culture of accountability

  • Understand your own secret sauce of genius and appreciate it in others

bonus #1

bonus #2

The Humanized Leader - Audible Version

(A $17.95 Value)

Turn your downtime into transformation time with this handy audio version of Mary Pat’s international best-selling book. Listen to the book multiple times to fully absorb every drop of wisdom … until being a Humanized Leader isn’t something you do; it’s who you are.

The Humanized Leader Guided Book Study

(A $100 value)

Go deeper into the concepts shared in The Humanized Leader with this self-paced, video-based guided book study. For each book chapter, you’ll receive a short video training in which Mary Pat Knight summarizes the key lessons and points to ponder. The accompanying PDF book study guide contains a variety of activities, worksheets and reflection questions to deepen your understanding of the material. 

Whether you go through this material as a self-study course or as a group study, this bonus program will guide you through the skills, behaviors changes, and mindset shifts you’ll practice, improve and master to create this invaluable leadership lifestyle change.

bonus #3

bonus #4

The Humanized Leader EQ Blueprint

(A $97 Value)

Discover exactly what EQ is, how to develop it in yourself and your team … and why Emotional Intelligence is the one key skill to master for business and professional growth. What you will discover in this practical 5-module program will help you lead yourself and your team to understand emotions, how they impact leadership and what to do in situations that used to puzzle you.

Humanized Leader Accelerator Community

90 Days of Private Just-In-Time Coaching with Mary Pat Knight

(A $9,000 Value)

The Ignitor cohort is designed to move you into action quickly, accelerating your transformation into a Humanized Leader. You’ll be learning skills each week and quickly putting them into action. Mastery is not instantaneous. As with every new skill you learn, you may feel awkward at first. You’ll stumble and make mistakes. You’ll have questions. 

And with Just-In-Time Coaching, you’ll have Mary Pat by your side every step of the way.

JIT coaching gives you access to Mary Pat via a voice/text inbox. Have a question or pressing situation? Leave her a message, and within a few hours (and maybe even a few minutes, depending on her availability), you’ll have an answer.

JIT coaching is cutting-edge and being used by top coaches in a variety of industries.

Currently, only Mary Pat’s private coaching clients have access to her in this way. Join this exclusive group – and watch how quickly you master these skills.


Let's Recap All That You'll Receive...

the Humanized Leader Course

cohort coaching calls (2/month)

Accountability buddy

private facebook group

6-mo subscription to day starters






The Humanized leader course (1-year access) - $1,497 Value

2 Cohort coaching calls with mary pat knight each month - a $3,000 value

An accountability buddy - a $1,000 value

access to a private cohort facebook group - a $500 value

6-month subscription to day starters - a $297 value

PLUS 5 Bonus Gifts

The Humanized Leader (autographed)

The Humanized Leader - Audible

The Humanized Leader Guided Study

The Humanized Leader EQ Blueprint

90 Days of Just-in-time coaching






Total Value: $15,527

Regular Tuition: $5,000

autographed copy of The Humanized Leader book ... $17.95 value

audible version of The Humanized Leader ... $17.95 value

the Humanized Leader guided book study ... $100 value

the Humanized Leader eq blueprint ... $97 value

the Humanized Leader accelerator community ... $1,164 minimum value

Total Value = 15,527

Regular Price = 5,000

Today’s Price = $2,497

Daniel Joseph

Vice President,
Blue plate Catering Chicago

“ to have a difficult conversation and still get positive results."

“Direct and focused is the best way to describe Mary Pat Knight. She leads you through the process of self-discovery and is there to assist you while you do the work. She is the master of putting people at ease and bringing out the best in everyone in the room. Mary Pat is not intimidated by titles or positions – she is able to have a difficult conversation and still get positive results.”


By Application Only

To protect the integrity of each Cohort, members are accepted by application-only. Enrollment opens only a few times each year.

During your interview, Mary Pat will ask 5 powerful questions to help determine if you are a good fit for the Cohort - and if the Cohort is the right transformational tool for you.

Let’s discover if your time to become a Humanized Leader is now - and if working directly with Mary Pat is right for you.

let's Do this - together

Regina Webster

Founder and Former CEO,

Regina Webster Associates

“...helped me with my 'lonely at the top' issues.

“Working with Mary Pat one-on-one made me more effective as a leader. When my business experienced explosive growth she helped me work through my “lonely at the top” issues. She held me accountable to my own values, allowed me to have my own process, and helped me to learn how to handle difficult business situations in a compassionate way.”